Do you have the desire to have your own blog? You could have your beautiful mom blog up and running in just a few days. First, consider these three things.

Find Your Niche

There’s a lot of competition in the area of mom blogs. That’s why it’s so important to find your niche. HubSpot recommends to ask yourself, “what will make your blog stand out from others? One way to think about this is to figure out what value you’ll be adding. Do you have a new way of looking at something or new aspects that you can bring to the conversation?” A clever angle will help to attract followers. Possible niches include sewing, cooking, or parenting tips.

Figure Out Your Products and Promotions

In order to monetize your mom blog, you’ll have to figure out what products and promotions you’ll feature. Take the time to figure out these things in advance. You’ll need to learn how affiliate links work. Once you do, part of your niche may be to help others monetize their blogs as well. doTERRA explains how “teaching others how to market their product can be a great marketing tool. People working together and creating powerful communities based around their common interest is a great way to connect with others and make money as well.” Some companies are better at educating others in marketing than others. Over time, you’ll figure out which companies are better partners for your mom blog.

Choose Your Branding

Your branding incorporates the look and feel of your blog. Common branding characteristics include a logo, color scheme, and font. You can go online to hire a designer to make a logo that communicates what your blog is about. Or as LogoJoy explains, “check out the competition, see what logos you like, and what you don’t, and try out making your own! You can do it by yourself, or find a helpful toolset or template to work off of.” Experiment with different colors to see which ones you like and which ones go with the theme of your blog. For example, if you’re writing about babies, you might want to go with all pastel colors. Do you want your blog design to be filled with floral elements, animals, or children? The design should reflect the personality and nature of what you’re blogging about. For instance, if you decide that you want to have a sewing mom blog, then you might have lots of images of DIY children’s costumes, children’s clothing, or handmade fabric toys. You can use these images as feature images or as background images for your blog posts.

Once you have these three basics figured out, you’re ready to start your beautiful mom blog. In just a short time, you can be online writing about the things that are most important to you!

If you feel a bit intimidated by managing your first blog or professional website through WordPress, then let us help! We will make the whole process easy for you to understand and be able to do on your own.

Here’s the Basics for Starting a Beautiful Mom Blog

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