I am super excited to announce there is a new service launch going on at WP Like a Pro! For those who may not know, WP Like a Pro was started because I (Chris Nesbit) saw a need for WordPress expertise that was not being filled. Sure, there’s 5 bazillion WordPress related websites out there with more tutorials than you could ever watch in your lifetime (would you really need to know all of that information, anyway?). There’s even WordPress Coaches you can hire on a per-task basis (I should know, I am one). But all of that doesn’t help you get what you really after: A new, or updated, website that is personalized to you and that doesn’t cost a fortune.

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Why Have a New Service Launch

That is why I’ve decided it’s time for a new service launch at WP Like a Pro! There are SO many WordPress and web design experts out there that charge thousands of dollars to build a custom website. If you’re a bootstrap entrepreneur or on a tight budget, you’re often left having to learn things on your own. In today’s information age that sounds like a good idea; until you realize that there’s an ocean of information to weed through (and you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for).

This new service I will be launching soon is the answer to your problems. Don’t sacrifice your firstborn to pay some overpriced web designer to do the work for you, or some overpriced WordPress coach to that charges by the minute and only helps with 1 (seemingly insignificant) problem and leaves you to watch unrelated How-To videos to figure out the rest.

Launch A Website

How Will this New Service Launch Work?

This new service launch will help you to get your website from zero to launch in no time flat! And you can do it on a budget! Already have a website? First off: Congrats! You’ve already accomplished what so many people only dream about! Or, maybe they have nightmares because they’re scared of the technology involved. But they shouldn’t be having nightmares about technology. They should be here reading about this new service launch (just like you are. Great job!).

If you’re interested in giving your website a facelift, or you want a website but don’t know where to start (or you’re having nightmares about it), subscribe to my blog – using the form at the end of this post – so I can give you a proper introduction to this new service. If you know someone who you think might be interested, share this post with them in email or social media. They will be singing your praises for sure!

Proof that WP Like a Pro Can Help You!

I know there’s a lot of other options out there. But nothing speaks louder than actual proof. So here’s a few amazing people whom I’ve had the privilege of helping!

Teamwork Englewood (pre-launch)

I gave this website a major facelift for the people of Teamwork Englewood! And managing their content is super easy with pre-made content blocks at their disposal (no HTML knowledge needed)! I’d love to give one of your websites a facelift!

Paladin Training (pre-launch)

This site is not live yet, but is setup with a mailing list and event calendar! Interested in either? Let’s talk!


Florence Baptist Temple: Sunday School

I have not done any pretty design work on this website. But it runs smooth thanks to the AWESOME hosting they receive from WP Like a Pro!


I’d love to hear from you if you are thinking about redesigning your website, or if you think you might be ready to go from zero to launch with your own blog. This new service launch at WP Like a Pro is meant to be an affordable option to take you from zero to website hero as fast as possible by teaching you only the info you need to get your website built! And you can kiss those nightmares goodbye because I will be by your side every step of the way (doing my best to knock your socks off with the level of service you receive)!

New Service launch at WP Like a Pro

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